phi-hong d ha

Service design * Brand strategy * Product innovation

Service design is an approach that effectively both addresses the real human needs of people and aims for the success of a business or organization in doing so. It links a brand and the people that it serves. At the same time, the discipline connects product, marketing and technology inside the organization.

My take on service design favors access, openness and community, prototyping and flexibility, with the ultimate goal to create solutions that match high value for the business with clear benefit to the customer. I have practiced service design and brand strategy in order to:

  • Shape a new business’ service offering and brand vision
  • Shift organizations toward a human-centric model, internally
    and externally
  • Extend brands into new markets, audiences, and industries
  • Create new business (and revenue) opportunities
    and product initiatives

Please feel free to reach out to me for potential collaborations: ha [at] pdh3 [dot] com

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